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Within our very first conversation, Deanna was an absolute pleasure to deal with! Extremely knowledgeable, proactive with her questions and best of all – she actually cares about the health of your pet. I’m so happy I found her and will continue to recommend her to friends and family. Thanks Deanna! - Michelle



Three months ago, my purebred American Cocker Spaniel, Phoebe had a grey and scaly belly, a history of pancreatitis and stomach issues, yeast issues that made her oh-so-itchy and was prone to hunger strikes as a form of protest against the kibble we were feeding her. At only three years old, she had been on multiple different diets to fix one problem, but it would be triggering another, and she'd been on antibiotics so many times I'd lost count. I contacted Deanna feeling frustrated, confused and scared to make any further decisions. Deanna took the time to understand Phoebe's history and then recommended solutions, making sure I was comfortable with the changes being made. We talked about the best protein, vegetable and supplement options for Phoebe's needs, and decided on a plan forward. As things improved and as new issues inevitably arose (for example, Phoebe lost 1 kg within a week or two of eating kangaroo meat), Deanna patiently supported me in adjusting things. Within a couple of weeks of her new diet, Phoebe's coat was suddenly super shiny and incredibly soft, she was getting the zoomies again, and she was no longer scratching constantly. Not only that, but she was stoked for every meal that came her way! In addition to the impact that Deanna's advice has had on Phoebe's health, she's also improved my mental health: I no longer worry about Phoebe as much and I feel much more confident that I'm doing the best I can for Phoebe. Thank you so much Deanna - you've had a huge impact on both of us! - Nicole

Shadow, Kimo, Jack, Cooper, Rosie, Sage


Deanna is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to ensure not only her human clients are happy but her furry ones as well! She goes above and beyond for her clients and their dogs, always making sure everything is taken care of. Her customer service is impeccable, answering questions in a very timely manner. Her love and passion for animal well-being is apparent in everything she does. Our dogs have never appeared better than on their present diet!



We are so grateful that we found Mountain K9 Acres. Deanna has been so knowledgeable and helpful in getting us comfortable with feeding our dog raw food. A couple of years ago, our dog Kalea began having health issues on a diet of what we felt was supposed to be quality kibble. Kalea experienced numerous ear infections, itching, and increased weight gain. Our vet suggested a raw food elimination diet, which we started. The new diet showed immediate signs of success, but we lacked easy access to food and knowledge of the types of supplements required. We met Deanna when she came to our rescue at a time our previous raw dog food supplier could not fulfill our order. Her easy to navigate online store offers an abundance of choices for food, treats, and supplements.  To top it off, Deanna will deliver them right to your door. We can’t imagine what we would do without her. Deanna is a certified pet nutritionist and has the knowledge to guide you to make the right choices for your dog.

Bud & Jake


It has been almost two years now that we are a client of Deanna’s.  

She was a guest at our Dog Nutrition Class with Simone Kresber of K9Possible Dog Training.


Putting an investment into our dogs training, I felt investing into their health and nutrition

was just as important. We started with a consultation and in no time, Deanna had our diet plan done up. She tailored it on the breed (Yellow Labrador Retriever), age, average healthy weight they should be, asked if they had any health issues, allergies etc…   She was very, very thorough.


Starting both out as very healthy labs, made things even easier.  Only issue we had – THEY LOVE TO EAT!!  LOL

Deanna calculated out how much protein they would get daily, organ meat, bone and mixed veggies. I put them on a scheduled feeding and have had numerous compliments on how beautiful and healthy my boys are.  Questioned as to how my Labs are not as round as a barrel! 


I can wholeheartedly recommend the professional services of Deanna.  Her services are thorough and prompt and we very much value her excellent advice!   She is a real pleasure to deal with and goes out of her way to answer any questions we have.   Deanna is extremely efficient and reliable.


I always try to bring my boys with me when picking up our food order.  I love to show them off and because of her, they are two happy and healthy boys. - Stephanie Hofman, Bud & Jake



Thank you Deanna, for helping me transform Shyloh’s diet and eating habits. She was so spoiled and picky and I was so stressed out about it all the time and now she eats all the food I put out for her right away. And thank you for steering me in the right direction as to what exactly to feed her, now I can feed her with confidence and not waste my time and money on stuff she doesn’t need❤️. I have saved so much money in the past couple of weeks already. Thank you Yvonne and Shyloh




“Mountain K9 Acres covers all your pets nutrition needs, from a personalized meeting to discuss nutritional history, to supplying what seems like everything under the sun your animal could need to have a healthy and well balanced diet. 

When we first spoke I was feeling very lost about how to feed my animals raw food, especially since my dog has had many digestive issues in the past. I’ve never known exactly what I should and shouldn’t feed him because of this. Deanna put my mind at ease and educated / guided me through the process to switch him from kibble to raw. For the first time I finally felt that I had clarity and understanding of how to feed my animals raw the right way. Transitioning my dog was a smooth and easy process, and we were able to provide him the right supplements to support and heal his gut from past digestive issues as well. I never would have been able to transition him to raw and heal his gut without Deanna’s guidance. As a bonus, Deanna is always very speedy to reply and help me with any question I throw at her, and she’s always just as excited with all the success and milestones as I am when I tell her about them. 

We are still working on transitioning my very picky cat, and Deanna has been very supportive through this process as well, suggesting different meats, supplying samples, and different ways to feed him. 

I would highly recommend Mountain K9 Acres to all who are looking for top quality raw food and supplements for their pets as well as excellent advice, support and guidance at a very fair price. Thank you Deanna! - Chantal


Huck & Koda


I am so grateful I found Deanna and that I have had the opportunity to work with her, she has been amazing and has so much knowledge. One of my Labradors has had digestive issues his entire life and it got to the point where I didn’t know what to do anymore. I have wanted to switch to raw for awhile but everything I read made it sound very confusing and I was worried about my dogs not getting the proper nutrients that they need. Deanna simplified the entire process and has been available to answer any questions or concerns that I have had. I feel so much better knowing that I am doing everything I can for my dogs health by feeding them a natural, balanced diet. Both my dogs are thriving and their digestive issues have improved significantly. Their fur is very shiny and soft and I’ve noticed that they have stopped scratching constantly. I’m excited to continue on this journey of raw feeding and greatly appreciate Deanna’s support in this process. 




Deanna at Mountain K9 Acres has been instrumental in sorting out dietary issues with my dog. Shasta is doing much better on her home cooked diet with the additional supplements she needs to thrive. Deanna is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough and is able to analyze lab test results and suggest dietary changes to mitigate the issues that are occurring. More importantly, she is as compassionate as she is knowledgeable. She understands how stressful it is when a member of your fur family is unwell and her support and kindness benefitted both of us during our sessions with her. I highly recommend her consultation services as an incredibly proactive way to approach the
health of your pets. 2 thumbs and 4 paws up! - Tammy and Shasta Daisy


Zapa & Tiga


Switching our two fur babies - Zapo & Tiga - to a raw diet was the best decision we could have made. Honestly, we regret not doing it sooner. The dogs have never been so excited about their food! Deanna took all the guesswork out of the process, as she recommends food & supplements tailored to each dog’s individual needs. She’s incredibly knowledgeable on canine nutrition & even delivers monthly to Revelstoke! We switched to the raw diet after our oldest gal began having issues with the joints & tendons in her knees & hips. We have noticed huge improvements in her general well-being & mobility and love that we can manage her inflammation through natural, healthy sources. Their coats are super shiny and soft & the poops are tiny & much less frequent, which is nice bonus. We love to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle with our pups, so we now feel confident knowing we are feeding them what they need to truly thrive! Thank you, Deanna! - Lauren




I spent years struggling to find a food that my dog could eat. She was constantly having issues with her ears, intestine, and skin. My vet finally suggested she may be allergic to the protein in her food and suggested I put her on a special diet. The proteins in the suggested food was so broken down her body wouldn’t recognize them. I was uneasy even trying the vet food so decided to try raw. I spent tons of time and money trying to feed her raw myself and it just wasn’t working. When someone suggested I reach out to Deanna I was desperate and overwhelmed. Within the first 10 minutes of our consultation I felt like I had finally found someone who cared about my dog as much as I do. I have been working with Deanna for 4 months and the difference I have seen in my dog is amazing. All the issues that were costing me hundreds of dollars at the vet are gone and she is simply a happier dog. I have two large water dishes in my house and was having to fill both of them multiple times a day, now I only have to fill them every other. Even pickup up after her outside has gotten way better, she goes less, they don’t smell as bad and they are smaller. I was so blown away by the changes I have switched all my pets to raw. There is no doubt in my mind that with Deanna's help all my pets lives have improved for the better. - Katelynn




When I first contacted Deanna, my dog Bentley was always gassy, constantly eating grass, not interested in his food, he was eating his own poop, and he was a little over weight.

Now 6 months into feeding raw, Bentley passed his last vet check up with flying colors! She said his teeth look amazing for his breed, he lost 2 pounds and is pure muscle! Bentley is also no longer gassy and has quit eating his poop!

We are so happy that we chose Deanna to help us on our raw food journey. Bentley loves his new food, he is happy, healthy and loves to recieve treats when she delivers his food. - Taryn




I got really lucky in meeting Deanna and getting to connect with her, one on one, during a dog first aid course that I was taking a few years back.

We, at the time, were having serious issues trying to find a diet that would work for our pup's digestive system, as anything that we had tried to date would just give Melo the runs. He was such a sad pup and the wrong food choices also resulted in Melo becoming bloated, overweight and lethargic most of the time.

Once Deanna was able to assess Melo, we began a specialized diet for him consisting of Carnavora's raw meat products, vegetables, pork liver and whole fish treats. 

Melo was in love with the new diet!! He couldn't get enough. He was actually excited and in fact counted down the time to his next meal. 

In a short while we noticed Melo's weight starting to stabilize. The bloating went down and Melo's energy went up ultimately stabilizing his mood along the way.

It's an extra added bonus that Deanna stays in touch and up-to-date on Melo and his health needs. Letting us know every step of the way what would be the best direction to take for Melo's well-being.

She has been such a gift to us in removing the guess work out of which decisions to take to ensure Melo's health. - Raven


Thank you Deanna were so grateful for you!! 💜💜💜



“…Deanna has saved our sanity and our dog’s health”

It has been over a year now since my husband and I started working with Deanna and it has changed our lives. At 11 weeks old, our rescue puppy, named Ringo, came to join our family. It was only days later we realized this little guy was suffering from some kind of allergy that was driving him crazy with itchiness. After hundreds of dollars trying different commercial dog foods (single protein, no grain, and even a hypoallergenic brand from the vet) we were not having any success in figuring out what was bothering this little guy. Not to mention the small fortune spent on vet visits with medications, allergy shots and consultations that didn’t get to the root of the problem.

During the first week of consultation with Deanna we went onto a strict diet of white fish and veggies to hopefully settle Ringo’s symptoms down and it WORKED! Within just a few days his itchiness subsided. With Deanna’s ongoing guidance we have been able to switch Ringo over to a raw meat diet and have never looked back. Deanna is extremely knowledgeable and really cares about each dog as an individual. With her conscientious approach to high quality food and focus on optimum health for our dog, Deanna has saved our sanity and our dog’s health. We will always be so grateful for all her ongoing efforts with us and Ringo! - Kim



I can't stress enough how big of a godsend Deanna has been. When I first spoke with her I was in the tough position of a worried and stressed out dog mom. She was kind, patient, understanding and listened to everything I had to share - all the while assuring me I wasn't overreacting and that we would get it figured out together. We've been working together for almost three months now and my pup's diet health concerns are on the full mend. Her extreme amount of knowledge and ability to put all worry at ease is a rare combination I truly treasure. While I still value and trust vets, none of them were able to support and guide us through as quickly and smoothly as Deanna has. My dog loves her, I love her and I cannot wait to continue working with her. I couldn't recommend Deanna more highly and you'd be lucky to have her in your back pocket for support!! - Kayla



After 6 months of going to the vet and trying just about every medication that could possibly help out my poor Baloo, I finally had the chance to meet Deanna. I heard about her through a post made on Facebook. Lots of people mentioned how amazing she was so I decided to do my research and contact her. Baloo had been having chronic bloody diarrhea for over 6 months at this point. He had lost about 15 pounds and had no energy. I was so scared that he was not going to make it. Deanna took me under her wing and guided me and Baloo with a specific diet and lots of supplements. She went out of her way to come to my house and meet Baloo and I. We started following Deanna's guidelines and it only took a week before I started seeing some improvement in Baloo. It now has been a bit over two months and Baloo has put almost all his weight back on and his energy level is much higher than it has been in months. Huge thanks to Deanna and the people who sent me her way. Baloo is slowly but surely becoming his true self again and I will be forever grateful. - Isadora



My beautiful 6 year old girl Tazzie has spent most of her life going back and forth to Vet clinics for various health issues. She's been on and off antibiotics multiple times per year which has caused her gut microbiome and immune system to crash. We've tried all varieties of dog kibble but nothing seemed to work for her. Veterinarians diagnosed Tazzie with food and seasonal allergies so she was prescribed a medicated veterinary hydrolyzed protein kibble, which seemed to help a little for a few months. Sadly, the issue never fully went away, it slowly became worse. At this point I knew something had to change significantly. I started searching and learning about raw feeding but had so many questions. This is when I found Deanna and set up a consultation. Deanna has been amazing with sharing her knowledge and expertise. She came up with an easy raw feeding plan to follow which supports Tazzie's whole body, with extra focus on healing the gut microbiome. 

The very first thing I noticed after changing her to a raw diet, was that Tazzie no longer is panting hard or being incredibly restless after eating her food. She has more energy, her fur looks better and she seems a lot happier. We are on the right track thanks to Deanna.

I would highly recommend her! - Natascha



My handsome boy Ty. He looooooves food and he loves hanging out on his couch.
Ty was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when he was around 2 years old. Due to this, he never really liked going for long walks or playing too much. He got tired fast and just wanted to sit and hang out instead of moving his body.  Even with supplements to support his joints he was still sore and started gaining a lot of weight. I had to be very strict with the amount of kibble to give him and eventually changed to a low calorie kibble in hopes of keeping his weight at bay. But with no success. The kibble didn't make him feel satiated, he was alway hungry looking for anything to eat inside and outside. When I changed Tazzie to raw food, Deanna suggested doing the same for Ty so we could support his joints better and help him lose weight. He is now getting healthy, nutritious, delicious raw food including treats and he is also losing weight for the first time in a couple of years. He likes his new raw diet and he has become a happier, more energetic dog. He even loves going for walks now! 

Deanna is Ty's absolute favourite person and he, Tazzie and myself would highly recommend her! - Natascha


Phone and Vid 1.jpg

So, just straight up: If my dog had a choice he would LIVE at Deanna’s place! And I get him! I’m not even jealous! In fact, it makes going on a little holiday without my dog worry free for me!!
At Deanna’s he gets the best foods AND treats money can buy, two long walks a day, other fun activities during the day depending on the weather and the season, canine company, and humans that love him like he was their own dog. Deanna’s dogs, as well the dogs in her care, are treated like they were her kids. I don’t think I’ve met another person that loves these animals as unconditionally as she does. When she comes to my place to pick up my dog (which is amazing in itself, that she always tries to accommodate me and work with me on the most convenient place to do the exchange….) he squeals for joy, jumps up beside her like a little Easter bunny (in excited anticipation that he will be going with her), and is in her car before she is…..!!! Need I say more??

Combine all of that with her knowledge about pet nutrition and you have the perfect combination of who to trust with the well being of your beloved four-legged companion! She connects with the best suppliers to be able to provide the highest level of quality meats available. I also love her dehydrated liver and especially the dehydrated kangaroo. It honestly smells like a snack a human could eat…. My dog absolutely LOVES it!!! Best of all I get ALL OF THIS delivered to my door. Pet nutrition without compromise from one of the loveliest people on the planet! - Angelika R

Oakley & Cece 


Deanna has been such a great help through our transition from kibble to raw food. Anytime I have a question or concern she is quick to respond with an answer. Highly recommended to anybody with dogs!! - Alicia 


Rottweiler on the beach at the lake

When Mackenzie was first diagnosed with allergies by our vet. We felt pretty lost. I was given some general guidelines to follow but felt I was going in circles for a while and wasn’t making any progress or even sure if I was doing the right thing. 

We live a 90 minute drive from our vet, so it wasn't practical or possible to go back and ask questions all the time. What treats could I feed? What bones could I give my dogs? And what about veggies, I had no idea where to start. 

It felt quite overwhelming till we got in contact with Deanna. She addressed all my concerns and gave me an easy plan to follow, I was confident I was feeding balanced meals and ensuring I was following a proper elimination protocol and the fact that she could deliver what I need to me as a huge bonus. 

Deanna has helped us overcome my dog’s allergies and we are so grateful for all her advice and guidance along our journey! - Marika Koncek



Opie had a rough start to life when it was noticed that he had base narrow canines. He required multiple surgeries and had several teeth removed. The ordeal lasted over 6 months in which his diet was prescribed kibble from the vet.

Having had an interest in the popularity of the raw food movement, we did some research and were thankfully recommended Deanna.

Deanna has been amazing from the moment we met her and helped us get Opie’s gut health back to normal.

She regularly checks in with us, recommends new and tasty varieties of food to keep him excited about his meals and as an added bonus, she delivers.

Opie is a happy and healthy dog and we would put a lot of that down to his great diet.

Thanks Deanna 😊



I was referred to Deanna thru a mutual contact. Upon meeting her I knew right away she was the right fit for us! Deanna is so down to earth and took the time to get to know my dog. 


My border collie, Axle, came to me with some health issues. His eyes were goopy and often glued shut in the mornings. His poops were not healthy, he was very underweight and I just knew his gut health wasn’t helping. He would happily skip his meals. Deanna switched Axle over to a raw diet. She incorporated cooked vegetables, probiotics, vitamins and digestive enzymes. Before we knew it - Axle’s eyes had become better, he finally obtained a healthy weight, and his poops were hard! Deanna helped us choose the right proteins for Axle, and helped us achieve healthy feeding schedules. 


It definitely took some time and persistence on my part, but with the support of Deanna, I now have a happy healthy dog, who will no longer skip meals, has healthy eyes, teeth, skin and coat. 


I highly recommend seeking support from Deanna even if you’re not having problems and just want to switch to a raw diet. I truly believe there’s a right way and a wrong way to feed raw, and Deanna knows the right way! - Carlee

Tara & Teddy

Standard Poodles playing in field with mountain and clouds in the background

Deanna’s knowledge, compassion, enthusiasm, and energy mean she is a wealth of information and a joy to work with. She took on the challenge of creating healthy diets for two very picky standard poodles with outstanding results. Tara (13) became a playful puppy once again and I’m sure has had her life extended. Teddy (5) is healthier and more energetic. I’m eternally grateful to Deanna! - Phebe-Jane Poole, Ph.D. 


French Bulldog sitting nicely waiting for his treats

We met Deanna when our little guy was about 8 months old. We did not know but suspected he may have some allergy issues because he was scratching a lot and had inflamed smelly ears. His ears were cleaned by the vet when he was neutered but the scratching continued. We discussed with her the value of changing his diet to a raw diet as we had taken the vets recommendations and nothing was helping. After our first meeting we jumped in feet first and swapped him over right away. There has been some trial and error and learning as we go but today he is a healthy happy guy and loves Auntie Deanna when she stops in. His allergies were confirmed by testing but everything is manageable as long as we watch his diet carefully. Deanna has been invaluable in our dogs health and comfort. Sadly the vet wasn’t a lot of help, I don’t know what we would have done without her. She has definitely gone above and beyond and cares for our pet as if he was hers. - Reg, Bobby and Diesel McClelland


Mixed Lab sitting pretty

I moved in with my fiancé and he had a lab mix that I wasn’t sure I could live with. I had to pick up his giant cow patty poops and he passed gas that was ...well..toxic

After meeting Deanna and taking her advice about how easy raw was..I took the plunge. I’ve never looked back. Oakley’s ear cleared up, his gas disappeared and after a year the fatty lumps we thought were cancer have all but disappeared. I owe my stomach to Deanna, I’m the poop picker upper 😁, not to mention how happy our pup is now. Love her!!! Highly recommended!! - Dameion 

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