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Benadryl... 1mg per 1 lb Body Weight!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I go hiking everyday with my dogs on my property in the mountains or I take them on other adventures. Today I was on my property, on the regular trails, and I noticed Sulley rubbing his face unusually!! I looked at him and his face was all puffed up and distorted 😳😳 !!! My first reaction was to run home but then I remembered the Benadryl I had in my backpack ... I gave him 1 25mg tablet and started home (double time) an hour later his face didn't swell anymore ... I gave him 1 more tablet ( vet recommended dose) and waited for an hour ( which seemed like a lifetime ) putting a cold cloth on his head ... the swelling went down!!! Please, if you hike with your dogs anywhere either on your property or away, have BENADRYL just in case! It's scary and I believe that giving him that Benadryl right away saved him from possible swelling in his throat!!

** If it doesn't subside within an hour CALL you VET ASAP!!!! **


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