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Benefits of Feeding Raw Edible Bones

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Benefits of feeding raw edible bones:

  • MAINTAINS BONE DENSITY - it is vital to bone structure, blood coagulation, muscle contraction, vision and heart function.

  • DENTAL HEALTH - fighting enzymes in raw meat, chewing on bones and connective tissues helps prevent plaque build up and keep their gums healthy.

  • MENTAL STIMULATION - chewing is a natural past time for dogs, giving them a bone will keep them physically and mentally occupied.

  • SKIN and COAT - bones contain a variety of minerals that can aid in skin and coat health. Marrow and cartilage are good sources of collagen.

Safety Tips:

  • Feed edible bones which are non weight bearing bones, these are softer, usually hollow and covered in cartilage or other connective or meaty tissues. Weight bearing bones are more likely to splinter. (your dogs teeth will give before the bone)

  • Choose an appropriate size of bone for your dog.

  • Monitor your dog when they are eating a bone and NEVER feed your dog a COOKED bone!! They are brittle and sharp pieces will come off. IT IS VERY DANGEROUS!


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